The VFemina Team

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The VFemina team is dedicated to promoting women’s intimate health and helping them live active, more fulfilling lives. We are proud to be among the first board certified group of OB/GYNS and plastic surgeons in the entire state of Illinois to offer the advanced FemiLift laser technology.

All VFemina doctors are board certified obstetrician/gynecologists and plastic surgeons who are specialists in women’s healthcare. They are accustomed to the unique needs of women and have helped those who are concerned with lack of vaginal tightness, lack of vaginal lubrication, stress incontinence or who have expressed concerns that sexual intercourse is no longer as comfortable as it once was.

Dedicated to helping their patients and committed to finding a safe and effective solution for their patients’ concerns, the VFemina team discovered FemiLift. After much research, the collection of supporting data, and patient testimonials, the doctors knew that FemiLift would be the right choice to address patients' needs. This revolutionary FDA-approved laser for vaginal resurfacing has proven itself over and over again with exceptional results.

While FemiLift has shown its effectiveness, trust begins with knowing that a doctor is qualified to perform the procedure.

All VFemina OB/GYNS have earned their undergraduate college degrees and have completed an additional four years of medical school. After receiving their medical degree, they completed four years of residency training in obstetrics and gynecology. And, after that, they may elect to become board-certified, which is what all VFemina doctors have done.

Certification recognizes that a doctor has graduated from a recognized medical school, completed an accredited residency program, has an unrestricted license to practice medicine, and has passed extensive exams given by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.