Joyce Chams, MD

Joyce Chams, MD

Joyce Chams, MD graduated from the Chicago Medical School and completed her residency at Rush University Medical Center.She is Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and has run a private practice for over 22 years. Dr Chams is currently on staff at North Shore University Health Systems and at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital. Her current interests are focused on varied female gynecological health issues including surgical and non-surgical treatments of pre and postmenopausal conditions.

Q & A with Dr. Joyce Chams

+ How long do the FemiLift results last?

Unfortunately, medicine cannot stop the aging process. We can certainly slow it down and repair some of the issues. The FemiLift procedure stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin and requires three treatment to achieve the greatest benefits. At VFemina, we suggest a yearly maintenance treatment to extend the results of the procedure, and to continue to remind your body to keep making collagen and elastin, which are the factors responsible for FemiLift’s fabulous results.

+ How does FemiLift work?

As women age, we lose collagen and elastin, both outside our bodies, as well as inside. For our vaginal tissue, this may be compounded as a result of hormonal changes, vaginal childbirth and menopause. The FemiLift laser works by creating minor channels of thermal stimulation in the vaginal canal. This stimulates the cells in your body that are responsible for the development of collagen and elastin to kick into action. More collagen and elastin equals thicker tissue in your vaginal canal. Thicker tissue increases pressure on the urethra and adjacent structures, which helps with urinary stress incontinence. Moreover, a tighter vagina creates more sensation for both partners during intercourse and younger, healthier tissue may restore your vagina to its original appearance.

+ How many treatments will I need?

Alma Lasers, the company that developed the FemiLift laser, suggests that a woman have three treatments spaced a month apart, as well as a yearly maintenance treatment. In our practice, we have found that the women who follow those parameters, tend to have the best results. That being said, occasionally, a woman may be satisfied with her results after two treatments and every now and then, a woman feels that she would benefit from a fourth treatment. This is because, each woman is different and every situation is unique, and at VFemina, we treat everyone accordingly based on their unique situation and physical make-up.