Another Year Older, And Wiser!

In an article published by Women’s Health Magazine, a study was conducted by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to determine the level of knowledge females have regarding their own vaginas. The results of this survey were quite surprising. What they found was that many women know very little about their “private parts,” specifically about how these parts of their bodies change through the years. Below, we have provided a brief, general overview as to what women can expect as their bodies begin to age.

Farewell to the “Teens”

Turning 20 can be seen as a milestone in a woman’s life. Puberty has finally come to an end, the body’s organs have started to fully develop, and the various “awkward phases” many women suffered while growing up begin to resolve. One example of this transformation can be seen by the reduction in size of the labia majora, or in lady terms the “lips” of the vagina. It is during the twenties that women may begin to lose fat in the outer labia, which is normal. These areas (along with the breasts) may start to sag a bit, due to volume loss, which is also part of the normal aging process.

Dirty at 30?

The “Dirty 30’s” have taken on a name of their own. During this phase in a woman’s life, dark shadows in the labia minora appear. No need to panic just yet! This is simply due to the hormonal changes experienced during aging and/or pregnancy. And, speaking of pregnancy, another shift that the female body experiences during pregnancy is the expansion of the uterus. Did you know that the uterus can grow as big as a watermelon (wow!) during the 40 weeks of her gestation? But, six weeks following the birth, the uterus will have shrunk back to its original size.

Embracing the 40’s

While 40 is “the new 30,” your vagina knows the truth. Reduced levels of estrogen can impact the vagina’s acid-alkaline balance, which has been known to cause some inflammation. Hormonal changes also lead to the thinning of the vaginal walls, as well as vaginal dryness, which can make sex somewhat painful. Some women in their 40’s have also reported itching, burning and redness. There is some good news, though: having regular sex can help prevent this atrophy! Other female bodily changes include a dwindling supply of eggs, shorter menstrual cycles, and for some (actually, for many), a loosened pelvic floor, which can cause bladder leakage and as some describe, a feeling of heaviness.

Turning Back the “Vaginal” Clock

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