This Year's Hottest Holiday Trend Is...

Vagina Christmas tree ornaments! Last month, Etsy seller Suzanne McAleenan, owner of her original FeltMelons brand, was featured in the UK publication Metro for her “vaginaments”. The story instantly went viral, and McAleenan had to temporarily close her shop due to the insane popularity of her product.

The “vaginaments” are all originally designed and handmade by McAleenan, and as such each one is a little different, just like real vaginas. They are made from handstitched felt and folded to better represent the vulva and inner and outer labia. Each one also has a jingle bell sewn in to represent the clitoris for added fun!

McAleenan wrote on the FeltMelons page that “Each ornament ships with a wee branded Vaginament name tag, because no vagina should be nameless!” Due to the publicity she received after the Metro piece, McAleenan’s little ornaments are currently sold out. However, you can check her page to see when more will be available for sale, and be sure to order in advance as they have to ship from Canada.

McAleenan is thrilled with the success of her “vaginaments”. “I’m completely overwhelmed by all the love regarding my happy little Vaginament ornaments. And my husband is completely overwhelmed that our mortgage is now secure for the next year,” she stated. She also does custom “vaginament” assignments several times a year, and makes cute perky breast ornaments to match.

This is a heartwarming trend this holiday season. Too often, vaginas are viewed as taboo or even distasteful, but the popularity of “vaginaments” is a great way to upend the negative stigmas surrounding vaginas and women’s sexuality. Make sure to order your “vaginament” soon!