New Campaign Celebrates Women's Sexuality

An organization in New York is raising money for women’s reproductive healthcare with a fresh and interesting idea. “Conceived in Brooklyn” has designed and created huge vagina costumes in order to bring attention to the issue of women’s health in vulnerable and marginalized communities.

These big pink vagina costumes are popping up all over the city, and many of their exploits are documented on the “Conceived in Brooklyn” Instagram page. An organization spokesperson explained that their goal is to “bring awareness to the fact that things we may take for granted are a struggle for women in impoverished communities.”

These hilarious pictures feature vaginas sightseeing across the city, dancing on stage, and even eating a hotdog from a street vendor. The organization reports that they have encountered only positive reactions from spectators, though many people are confused when they first spy the costumes.

A spokesperson from the campaign stated that, “People ask to have their pictures taken with you and they ask why you’re wearing that. We try to wear it in adult settings, but the costume is not offensive in any way and no one has been offended.” The fact that people are curious about the costumes allows “Conceived in Brooklyn” to expand their reach and continue to promote their message.

The organization is working in conjunction with the non-profit “50 Cents. Period.”, a group that aims to provide menstrual materials to women and girls in India. “Our goal is to raise some money and bring awareness to the work that 50 Cents. Period. does. Will we ruffle a few feathers along the way? Probably, but we can live with that. We obviously don’t take ourselves too seriously,” the spokesperson explained.

This is a great way to bring attention to the often taboo topic of women’s sexuality and reproductive health. The approach is very direct and sensational enough to arouse curiosity in the audience, hopefully causing people to research and donate to the cause.

When asked who they would most want to wear one of their costumes, “Conceived in Brooklyn” responded that their first choice would be Betty White. Now that would be a sight!